What can a dentist do for large front teeth?

Okay,I've had HUGE front top teeth since I was little.
The Two in the middle,they hang lower than all the others.
Is there anything a Dentist can do,To even them out?
I feel like a Rabbit =/

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Yes they can be fixed with Braces.

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umm well I have braces so I no that if you have "buck teeth" or whatever you call them than a retainer for a couple of months and braces will do the trick and braces will definitly be worth it...dont worry they arnt bad they dont even hurt I like my braces...and if they are long than they can just shave them down- it dosnt take long and doesnt hurt they just kinda file them down thatz all! good luck just ask your orthodontics/dentist

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Yea, im pretty sure that can most definately be fixed but not at an Dentist i dont think.. Orthodontists can tho. for ppl who are happy with their alignment but not with their length they have teeth shaping done. some ppl refer to it as filing of the teeth. basically they have a tool that they use to slowly grind, "file" if u will, at the teeth. they use this to also smooth out rough edges along the bottom and sides of the teeth..especially incisors & front teeth. You of course would tell them how much u would want filed off. its painless & fairly fast. i had my braces taken off last year..and in the process of having them removed they chipped the corner of my front tooth. so i had to have the corner of my front tooth reshaped. If u are a goos canidate for this and u are going to get it done... check to see if they use water or high pressured air with their tool. if its water then becareful if u have sensitive teeth to cold temperatures. the friction from the tool can make the tooth really cold at points. HOPE I HELPED =]

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you can fix it, but i dont think it matters unless your teeth are like 4 inches long.

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dentists have advance technologies. they can fixed teeth by using these technologies.

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im not sure they can do anything, maybe you should ask that question in the health colum.

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ask the dentists so shave them down a bit with a teeth filler(sry I cant spell it its what you use to file your nails but made for teeth)

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