What breed(s) do you think my dog is?

This is Bluebell (aka BB). My parents found her under our porch. She’s a medium size now but she’ll get bigger, she’s still a puppy. My mom thinks she has some bloodhound or beagle in her. She definitely has some hunting dog in her, my mom saw her “pointing” the other day. And she likes to dig. She was digging today and was whining and barking at the hole. We think she was dumped by someone because she was skittish for a couple days. She’s also afraid of cars and cats. I tried to introduce her to my cats by bringing her up to the screen door so she could see them in the house. She was very well behaved and was just sniffing them, my cat Baby didn’t like her though. She hissed and jumped at the door. The poor puppy started whimpering and ran off. Now she won’t go near that door. Oh well. So what breed(s) do you think she is?

Answer #1

I’m no doggie expert but my first thoughts were bloodhound as well. Those ears! She will more than likely get over her fears of cats and cars when she gets more comfortable with you and your family. Love is amazing. (I wouldn’t be alive without furry friends!)

Answer #2

Boy…she sure looks like a Bloodhound to me…Those long ears, and the incredible size of her bones…Actually, I’m thinking…”WHAT A FIND!!”…:)

If there is a “cross” breed in her, I think it’s another breed of hound…Redbone, possibly…or Coonhound…

I can tell ya this…she’s VERY impressive to look at…Congrats on your new girl!!


Answer #3

That my friends is one fine looking Red Bone Hound Dog and a good looking one at that.

Answer #4

LOoks like a pure bread blood hound. If she was beagle or bassetshe would have some white markings on her, I think??

Answer #5

hmm the ears remind me of a dockson and the body of a bloodhound

Answer #6

Yup, bloodhound. That droopy skin on the site of her nose/mouth area is so when she smells things, the smells can be trapped in that little pocket so she can smell better.

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