??? what bout you girls ???

I'm 14 and started at 12
When did you gurls all start masturbatin ? What do you gurls do when your in the mood and what makes you cum slowww and also fastt ???

Plus is this weird ??

please ANSWER

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I'm a girl not a guy its ok honest mistake

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o ok lol well I was giving you my reply

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jets in a hot tub.

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im 14, and I started problyy arnd 11 or 12.

I usuallyy just think about someone doing something to me, like rubbing on me or eating me out.lol

porn works too.
haha im so perverted.

oh&and no its not weird. I always wonder these things too ^_^

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Hahaha ok well idr exactly when I started but I was close to your age. I mean at the time I didn't want to have sex and end up pregnant.And some times when I am in the mood I just think about all the hot guys I know and think about them naked.it's weird I know.Also I am not sure about the cumming part.
this is not weird every guy wants to know and it's ok to ask.
By the way I am 16.

girls go by how you look and not by who you are?

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