what are you doing right now?

besides being on this wonderful site :)

What are you doing?

I’m eating my weight in grapes haha

Answer #1

Listining to music and my brother whom is screaming. Writing my book. Singing too and I am pretty much hoping to become an advisor and I am writing to you people.

Answer #2

you sound really koo. add me on myspace. I promise you wont regret. it just becuase I dont have a pic on this cite. doesnt mean I dont have on myspace.


Answer #3

talking on msn to some creep

Answer #4


Answer #5

Trying to stay awake because its nearly 5:00am lol I don’t want to sleep ¬¬ I know…I’m strange…><

Answer #6

Im doing nothing but talking to some friends and doing funadvice. I so love this site.

Answer #7

school work and trying to figure out how to add people as my friends and also activate my email

Answer #8

trying to get Jinny to talk to me but she wont =(

Answer #9

answering questions in here lol :-)

Answer #10

umm memorizing a monolouge and chillian like a villian

Answer #11

I have a few people and were eating and watching tv

Answer #12

I’m watching Tv and talking to people :)

Answer #13

online homework–bluh… taking hourly breaks tho… lol

Answer #14

I’m at work. Another hard day at the office!

Answer #15

Getting ready for school.

Answer #16


Answer #17

laying on my bed :)

Answer #18


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