What are words to describe your crush?

What are some words that can describe your crush..and im a girl by the way

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well, im a girl :)
things that I say to my guy, that is 100% true, that I can describe him as? This is him, phyicically and emotionally, to me :) (his name is Patrick <3)
-Thin, but not weak
-Adoring smile
-Bright Green Eyes
-Perfect Lips
-Warm (he is really warm :P)
-Tall, about 5'11.

-Canadian ;)
- Brown soft hair
-perfect size hands
-hair a little past his hears

-Lazy. :P
-Loving <3

*Hope this helps! :)

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I'm a guy, to clear things up, and I had a crush. It was pretty obsessive for me, couldn't get her out of my mind, etc, only saw the good side of her, nervous around her all the time.

Not sure what you are asking though - do you mean like HOW a crush is like, or how the persons current crush is. I tried to answer it to my best ability, hope that helps.

And my advice probably is only useful if you want to know how it is from a guy's point of view, so sorry if this isn't too much of help. You might find it useful if you think a guy has a crush on you, though.

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My crush's name is Patrick and this decribes him almost perfectly!! WIERD..... If only Patrick was Canadian , had brown hair, and was like two inches taller it would be exact!!!!

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Thank you so much

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