What are things that I can do on a 17 hour flight?

Okay so for going to boarding school in september I have to go on a 17 hour flight to get there , so I was wondering what are some things I can do on the plane and no I don’t mean stuff like annoying the people beside me. In case your wondering why I’m asking this question when september is so far away it’s because I want to be prepared.

Answer #1

sleep, play on a laptop, dvd player, dsi, puzzles :) –Lily–

Answer #2

try to thing about the friend your going to make and get a DSI I just got one with a style savvy game it past my time and and buy a laptop so you can talk to your old friends to and your mom and dad

Answer #3

Oh I love Sudoku.. that will keep you busy the whole flight. :)

Answer #4


zzz z

Answer #5

Crossword puzzles, sudoku, video games, talk to the people near you, there are countless things.

Answer #6

have a fun relaxed conversation with the person next to you. Bring a portable movie player, a story to read, mp3 player, ipod, a notebook if you like to write, try sleeping. Personally I prefer having a fun relaxed conversation with the person next to me it lasts longer is always entertaining and kills time easily =)

hope that helps

Answer #7

thanks everyone, this was very helpful

Answer #8

Sleep Read a book Listen to iPod Draw Write letters, in journal…etc. Do your make up lol Talk to people :)

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