What are the steps in putting a book on the market?

I know you write and stuff, publish, etc. but not exactly… Like how do you get your books to be sold in stores? Step by step process please. I will be grateful for your help.

Answer #1

I know the web to print market has been changing rapidly in recent years.

I’m in the UK but rumour has it you can print on demand in large book shops in the US. Is that true? If so, then you can presumably have your book available on their catalogue for very little cost, if any. It would also mean that online distribution businesses are likely to start print-on-demand books and delivery services.

Then all you have to worry about is marketing.

I’m sure that the majority of successful books will still have editors and publishing companies though…

Traditionally the publisher would take care of distribution and marketing for you.

Answer #2

Simplest way. Write your manuscript, (double spaced lines) and bring it to a publisher.

If they like it, they will get it published for you.


Write it Talk with a book printer. Start getting money together for the printer to make a short run. Format it to match the agreed upon size and font. Design the cover. Get some other authors to read and comment on it. Put the best results on the cover. Talk to a book distributor. Pay the cost of having them include it in their catalog, OR, take some copies directly to a book store and see if they’ll sell it.

Answer #3

Publish them online first!

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