What are the result of stomach cancer?

I am asked to do a project on stomach cancer.I just want to know what would happen to a person suffering from stomach cancer?would he\she die within few months of diagnosis?

Answer #1


if you either google or type this in it brings up information on stomach cancer. But basically it depends when they find it how long you have to live and the change of survival.

Overall survival statistics can’t tell you exactly what will happen in your case. The overall 5 year survival statistics for stomach cancer are about 20%. That means that approximately 1 in 5 of all the people diagnosed with stomach cancer are still alive 5 years later. But that figure hides the fact that many people have advanced stomach cancer when they are diagnosed. If the cancer is localised, with no cancer in the lymph nodes, then over 80% of people live for at least five years and two thirds of these will be cured. The statistics do not tell you what treatment those people had, or how their cancer responded to that treatment. So it is hard to apply statistics to individual patients.

this may also help. Hope so! :)

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