What are the letters instead of notes for lady gagas paparzzi?

I can play the piano real well, and I wanted to play papaizzi by lady gaga and I don’t know how to read notes, so I was wondering if anyone new the letters instead of notes.

Answer #1

Kay so maggot4 gave you the music. Lol

As for the reading notes, theres a different way to read for bass and treble clef.

Treble: The spaces going from bottom to top are F,A,C,E. They repeat as your going up or down scale Ex: C,E,F,A,C,E,F,A. etc… Lines are E,G,B,D,F going up, and just like the spaces they repeat.

Bass: The spaces going from bottom to top are A,C,E,G. They repeat like treble. Lines are G,B,D,F,A. Repeat like treble.

I hope that makes sense. If not you can fun mail me the music and I could tell you what the notes are.

Good luck =]

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