What are the early sings of pregnancy?

What are the early sings of pregnancy? Like 1 or 2 weeks in...


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one or two weeks in there arnt really many symptoms BUT that depends from person to person. usually about a week or two after you have missed your period you may be peeing more, feeling nausea, headaches from hormones, tired to the point you may fall asleep easier than usual, bloated ( not preg belly just water belly) boobs aching, cramps from the uterus streatching (feels like period cramps) and the list goes on..

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It doesn't surprise me that you are like 14-years-old... Anyways...
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How early do signs of pregnancy show up?

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breast tenderness... headaches... feeling bloated --morning sickness doesn't usually start for about a month.

Is brown, milky discharge and sharp pains in my lower abdominals and back normal during early pregnancy?
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Morning sickness, head ache, kinda flu like!

What are the first signs of early pregnancy?

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The FIRST sign is sore boobs, and nipples.

How should pregnancy discharge be?

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