What are the best Video Games recently?

I have an old school PS2 and my buddy has a 360. Are there any popular games for either of these systems that are new that I should check out?

Answer #1

I like Oblivion IV for the 360. I also like Dead Rising, Gears of War, NinteyNine Nights, and Prey for the 360. I’ve never played PS2 but i heard Katamari Damaci(We love katamari) is a fun game.

Answer #2

Dead Rising for the 360. ohmygodit’ssobeautiful. …Also Gears of War.

Answer #3

Dude,for Xbox 360 definetly Dead Rising,it’s the freaking bomb

Answer #4

Call of Duty 2 is hands down my favorite game for Xbox360. I also liked the Matrix series of games that will work on your PS2.

Answer #5

Recently i play the GTA 4

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