What are the answers to these ''similar figures'' word problems?

I am having trouble with these word problems. Can you please give me the answers? I would appreciate it. REMEMBER 2 WRITE STEPS.

  1. Owen has a 3in5in photograph. He wants to make it as large as he can for 10in12.5in ad. What scale factor will he use? What will be the new size?

  2. Ann’s room is 10ft12ft 6in. Her sketch of the room is 8in10in. Is ann’s sketch a scale drawing? What scale factor did she use?

  3. Bill is 6ft tall. He casts a shadow at the same time at a tree casts a 16ft shadow. Use Similar triangles to find the height of the tree.

Answer #1
  1. scale of 1 to 2.5, photo size = 7.5 in X 12.5 in

  2. yes, scale factor 1 to 15

  3. maybe I don’t understand the question, but I’m guessing I need to know the length of Bill’s shadow to compare the triangles.

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