What are some ways that I can get over being nervous?

I am a big guy and I have really bad approach anxiety and I always feel like every girl is out of my league..

Answer #1

Just be yourself. Don’t be afraid, they probably feel the same way! But these are just words, you gotta get up the courage to go out and DO IT. If she’s with friends, make sure that you’re with friends. If you went over just on your own it’d make you feel awkward when all the girls look at you. And if you’re with friends but she’s alone maybe try to make eye contact, and if you do, quickly smile, and don’t break eye contact. It’s hard to do, but works a treat. Best not to try that when you’re on your own, cause then you look a bit strange. Although, I tried it on my own on a bus and got a girl’s number. I’m terrible at talking to girls, especially if I like them. But it works sometimes.

Another method I’ve tried is finding something in common. Here’s my example: I was at a rock concert, we were at the front of crowd, right beside the speakers, so if you tried to talk to someone right next to you they wouldn’t hear a thing. There were these two drunk girls who pushed in front of me, completely drunk. They were dancing, but there wasn’t much room so they were jumping all over me and standing on my toes etc. I looked round behind me to make sure I wasn’t stepping on anyone’s toes because of them and made eye contact with a really quite beautiful girl. She made a “what the hell” face to me about the girls in front of me and I smiled back. She wrote a text message on her cell phone and showed it to me: “Completely Pissed aren’t they lol” We chatted back and forth like that for about half an hour until I pulled up the courage to ask her for her number. I typed “Number?” on my cellphone and gave her it. She smiled and typed her number. I texted it saying “Hi, my name’s Zac” So you get the picture. HF&GL!! :P (Have Fun and Good Luck)

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