What are some up lifter songs??

I’m looking for sum like up lifter songs… I like outside my window by sarah buxton… but I want sum more… I don’t care what type of music it is I just want it… I stay depressed a lot (family things cause it) so yea I need sumthing to get me outta a fussin mood!!! Thanks!!!

Answer #1

Thes are my favorite “uplifter” songs “Drive” by Incubus Anything written by Paramore “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard “The Middle” and “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World

Answer #2

Contagious By: Boys Like Girls Tipsy By: Ja’Qwan Bad Romance By: Lady Gaga Video Phone By: Beyonce Live Like We’re Dying By: Kris Allen

Hope I Helped. And I Have Alota Family Issues These Help Mes. By The Way Stay Happy. You Can Talk 2 Meh! :D


Answer #3

What sort of genre? I say something very ecelectic so maybe an Oceanlab track, very melodic, quiet but the vocals are great. If I could fly, On a good day and also Come home by Oceanlab is recommended. For someone who’s not into that sort of thing they have other tracks with piano and accoustic guitar on. Try youtubeing it. It may sound dull at first but it lifts the spirit. Because it’s near christmas (don’t men to sound cheesy) but Do they know it’s christmas lol. Hope that helped let us know if it was any help :)

Answer #4

dont hear tunes like this anymore…


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