What are some sad songs you like?

Goodbye- secondhand serenade Fall for you- secondhand serenade When you’re gone-avril lavigne Slipped away- avril lavigne

I don’t know any others!

Answer #1

‘Sad songs and waltzes’ by Cake ‘Friend is a four letter word’ by Cake ‘Where would I be? (without your love)’ by Cake ‘Commissioning a symphony in C’ by Cake ‘Mutiny’ by A brand

Cake’s sad songs are great :)

Answer #2

little things by Colbie Caillat. meet you there by simple plan. slipped away by avril lavigne. sleeping with the lights on by busted. so sick by neyo.

Answer #3

Gone Away by The Offspring Meet You There by Simple Plan View From Heaven by Yellowcard When You’re Gone by Avril Lavigne Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne

Those are all sad to me for a pretty good reason actually and not just because they’re “sad songs” either…

I’ll add more when I think of them

Answer #4

Sad but true by Metallica Nothing else matters by metallica smooth by Santana Put your lights on by Santana Slipped away by Avril When youre gne by Avril!

Answer #5

Spell- Marie Digby

Answer #6

dj sammy, sining that song about the twin towers

Answer #7

suicide is painless the MAS*H theme song

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