What are some remedies for gout?

My grandma has recently been diagnosed with gout and the pain seems and I'm 99% sure it is excruciating. So I was wondering if there are any quick pain relief remedies or something she can do now to relieve the pain and swelling.

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Is the doctor not giving her anything for the pain?

I know that cherries and bananas are beneficial for reducing gout attacks...you need to eat quite a few of them ( or 3 -4 bananas) each day.
A cup of ground ginger in the bathtub can also help.

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I don't mean to be rude but her doctor isn't that bright. She prescribed these pills but they have aspirin in them and my grandma is allergic to aspirn. So the only thing she is on now are Tylenol Codenes I believe which don't help to alleviate the pain and just put her to sleep. Btw, thanks for your help(:

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Aw...maybe she should see an emergency room doctor - they could give her something that might help (and she isn't allergic to).

I hope she feels better soon.

At home remedies..

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