What are some positive hobbies for teens ?

I need some new positive hobbies for myself, that are inexpensive, and that would keep me busy. I’m 15 years old. Please help me :P

Answer #1

well..positive hobbies may be like doing some crafts at home like rock painting,origami and doing something with beads like making bracelets.paintings and drawing are also good ideas.you can join any classes to learn something..like dancing or singing.

Answer #2

play an istrument for example a guitar , just by a chord chart , costs like I don’t know 2 3 dollars and study em ull get better I go to classes but I got the chart and learned the chords its easy , just with some practice , try swiiming relaxes you and its fun!

Answer #3

um what do you like to do… like drawing, playing an instrument wrighthing? I mean we can’t decide for you what you like.

Answer #4

read Russian classical and later and Chinese classical and later literature, different worlds will open up and you will never forget them, or learn any foreign language from classical Hebrew which opens you the Bible in its original language, to Modern Mongolian which will make it possible for you to speak with nomads still existing in our world!

Answer #5

also a part time job is not a idea it helps to pass the time and you get paid

Answer #6

video games, if you have a WII mario cart is AWESOME!

Answer #7

well im 15 too and I like going to the movies, going to the mall, going to great skate is fun too (:

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