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I love cooking, and have been doing it since I was little, because my dad was a single father. I actually plan on being a chef after highschool. I want to make a very yummy dish for my step dad, who is leaving for iraq in 3weeks(he is in the air force) he loves seafood, so I wouldnt mind making him something with that, but wouldnt mind other ideas. He isnt all that big on sweets, so no desserts please. And im not afraid of very exscuisite dishes, since I probably no more about cooking,and made more complicated dishes than my mother has. I made donuts, barvarian creme crepes just last night, and next week I am making home made ravioli, and for the super bowl, home made buffallo,spicy butter, and honey bbq wings, so you can see im not afraid to try something new. Please help(: