What are some interesting teachers you've had?

Well, I’m bored and curious. Who is the best teacher you’ve had and why? Or just say any interesting facts about them. My english teachers are always cool and get us off topic but when I was in year 8,my science teacher was a cute, male, underwear model :). As you can tell, all the girls were into him. So, you’re stories?

Answer #1

This is easy!

3rd grade, Miss McKitrick. She graduated HS at age 12. The result was that every child in her class was pushed to their limits across all subjects. No kid finished her class knowing anything less than all the 3rd grade criteria. Some finished at say, 4th grade math, 7th grade English and Science, etc. If you could perform higher, you were taken higher. Her statement to parents was: No child going through her class would ever be able to say that they weren’t challenged sometime in school.

Otherwise, in HS a friend and I completed every single exercise in our math book and turned in the work during the second week. We anticipated being allowed to cut the class thereby extending our lunch hour considerably. What happened instead was that we were given problems to solve on the back board for the rest of the semester. We learned some interesting stuff and had a ball.

Answer #2

the only teacher I can remmber that was strange was Mr. Lewis

he had a real wide but short beard…

I used to call him wolfman and he’d chase me down the corridor

then id get suspended for running even though it was him chasing me

I think he was gay

Answer #3

I have a religious education teacher and he’s not religous at all :L and he’s like really funny and cool and he has great banter

fav teacher :D I’ve had him for 5 years now aha

awesome stuff, right? :}

Answer #4

well me in the 6th grade my teachers name was miss. Espinoza and she was really cool she always let us have parties,skip p.e sometimes,go a bit easy on us with or work she’d talk with us about us about all kinds of things is was fun ;D

Answer #5

well I’ve never really had a favorite teacher but there is a clas that I enjoy a lot and I always look foward to which is american history

Answer #6

My freshman Philosophy professor. In his classroom, you always felt like you were using more of yourself than ever before, and more efficiently. It was very outside the box, very into detail and context. My freshman Health teacher. Sure, she was a crazy old coot, but she had stimulating advice, and she always knew what she was talking about. My Drama/Speech/Debate/Forensics Professor. She doesn’t necessarily teach us much, but I love to perform and her class is the only one in which I can do that.

Answer #7

I loved my Kinesiology Prof. He was awesome. Funny, cool, laid back, talked off topic lots though. And ever time I came into class with a coffee he’d ask me where his was. Lol. I don’t have him as my prof anymore, but whenever he sees me around he always stops and talks and still bugs me for coffee =P Haha. It was/still is pretty jokes.

And my French prof was awesome. She always wore the most ridiculous things, and she like never wore something twice. One time she wore this like bright pink dress, with bright purple tights, she had colourful feathers in her hair, and had this like neon green scarf. I don’t remember a word she said that day, I was soo distracted by her clothes! LOL

Answer #8

one of my teachers (my history teacher) was absolutally awesome lol, but yes he was weird, he gave me all these really good books and foreign movies and stuff, he told me about he was a punk and everything and has lived on every continent and all that and I just used to sit going O. mainly because he was a history teacher lol, he’s like one of though’s extreme teachers lol. everyone else thought he was a creep though lol

Answer #9

what a big topic! so much to say, but here are a few thoughts…

some of the foreign professors I had:

Latvian Linguistics Professor - very funny Chech Political Science Professor - a lot of insight Swiss Anthropology Professor - goofy accent Chinese Geometry Teacher - “parallel lines” came out “pay-a-well-wines”

Answer #10

We sure had a strange English teacher back in Matric. She wore all pink, pink hair, pink nails, pink lipstick, pink clothes and even pink crocs with it.

She was also very intelligent/sharp and always won every and any argument.

Furthermore she used to scream at the birds I.e. make the noises that they make.

She was really strange.

Answer #11

We had this one teacher we called Mr Cooper children snooper, we all thought he was a peedo!

Answer #12

I liked a lot of my teachers!my favorite was Mr.Martinsen!he was awsome!he was myhistory teacher and since I was on the bball team I could do what ever I wanted!litteraly!I could ditch on the day of a test ansd some how always be acxcounted for!it was cool!I miss him !

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