What are some good pranks to play on people in the mall?

What are some good pranks to play on people in the mall??? Generally Hollister...I shop at HoT ToPiC, and it is fun to bug the people in Hollister...what could I do

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haha...that sounds fun...it is fun to go in there and like scream and coplain about everything...the music, prices, cloths...anything you can and really bug the preps and stuff...and like in some stores me and my friends hide inside the round cloths racks and then jump out when people are looking at cloths...

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I go into Hot Topic and cry and cut myself and listen to crappy music.

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I got one . I've done this one . But be prepared to get kicked out . Haaa.
Me and like 10 of my friends all kinda scene/emo/hardcore kids lol go is hollister and just start moshing [ yelling jumping runnig punching ect ]

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u could go 2 the mall and pretend your having a heart attack.

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If you have a 10 or 20 dollar bill(although a 1 dollar bill will do), put a small hole in it and tie a long strand of invisible string through it(or fishing wire/string). Or, you could just tape the string to one side, although you'd have to keep the taped part facing the ground to fool your victims.

Next, put the money on the ground and hide. At the mall by my house, there is a chair somewhere by the entrance of Hollister, and if you sit in the chair and pretend to read a magazine or text on your phone, you won't look suspicious but will be able to keep a close eye on your money.

Seeing that Hollister clothes are pretty expensive, your dollar bill won't go unnoticed. When a Hollister customer or employee sees it and bends down to grab it, wait until the bill is just out of their reach, and then yank the string in your hand to pull it away from them. If they don't get that they're being pranked, some people will continue chasing the money, so just keep reeling it in until they see the bill heading in your direction.

This can be pretty entertaining. It's a simple prank that is harmless to mallgoers.

If I can think of anything else I'll be sure to post again.

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When me and my friends go to play pranks and stuff we usually go into Hollister and try to act all preppy and stuff and purposely butcher it.

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I know a good prank

its called grow up

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take some stink bombs or liquid stink and pour ii all around the back of the toillets

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you should go back in time and give your mother an abortion

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when they tell you that you can only bring a certain amount of clothing into the dressing room make a REALLY big deal about it.. and start yelling and stuff=D
and when you try on a pair of jeans ask a guy worker( try to find one thats at least kinda hot)if they think it makes your butt look to big

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take a silver dollar or a quarter and glue it to the floor, but you have to do it when no one is looking and put it outside a video game store cause then you can see all the geeks try and pick it up.

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