What are some good positions to try with my boyfriend ?

From experience what’s your best? Usually it’s just him on top, but It’s starting to get a little boring! Any ideas? Nothing too difficult though that involves your legs going over your head or anything haha! Thanks :)

Answer #1

Try laying on your sides, him behind you and it hits the spot really good…Um you can have him sit down like on a chair or the edge of the bed and you sit on his penis (almost as if you were just sitting on his lap) and go up and down (it’s called the backwards cowgirl). Try the regular missionary style BUT with you on your stomach, so technically your doing it doggie style,but you are actually laying down flat. Those are a few of my favs! Or doggie style on all fours, or doggie style both of you standing up and you leaning against something like dresser.

Answer #2

I can’t really tell you…cause I am 22 and I have never being with a guy…but with my wife I make a lot of position and I can tell you one cause I am the guy in the house and I tell you alittle bit of what I now…U can stand next to the bed and being down and it will be easy for him to attack the G spot, Really that position will make you blow up and it will make you come a lot of times if you now how to do it.

Good Luck

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