What are some good,meatlcore, or any good heavy bands.

What are some good deathcore, metalcore, or any heavy bands.

Answer #1

arteyu,silverstein,slipnot,the redjumpsuit apparatus is more screamo,seether,guns ‘n roses,black sabbeth,three days grace,blindside,project 38,seven dust,mushroom head,linkin park,ill nino,otep,soulfly,the spill canvas,fly leaf,coal chamber,korn,hawthorne heights,and others I just dont feel like typing.

Answer #2

hatebreed, slipknot, system of a down, metallica, pantera, whitechapel, mudvayne, cobra starship, slayer, opeth, cannibal corpse, cryptopsy, lamb of god, cradle of filth, arch enemy, in flames, children of bodem, suicide silence, soil work, cephalic carnage, devildriver, kottonmouth kings, faith no more and I got plenty more if you need them.

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