What are some good fish names?

I have a gold fish and im getting more fish and I dont want them to not have a name does any one have some good names

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Puffy..if it's one of the puffy gold fish?

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my science class has a big goldfish named Eddy
you can also try somethin funny like Murry, or Steve
you can do something like Sherbert, like Orange Sherbert, giv him (or her) a name after an item
you can name him or her something that relates 2 the others, like Peaches and Cream, or Herb and Oregano, Chocolate and Vanilla (or Choco=) ), Aqua & marine,
good luck=)

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damn I was going to say nemo, LOL.
hmm what was the other fish in finding nemo called?

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I named my 3 simease fighters tuna,shrip and lobster. the names suit them hehehe.

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I just want to know why you would name a GOLDFISH Nemo, considering Nemo was a CLOWNFISH?
~just wondering..~

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ANSWER #6 of 14

My Beta was named 'Gill'

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ok I got new fish and there called


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ANSWER #8 of 14

sunshine? blaze?

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ANSWER #9 of 14

Goldie?? :)

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what are some good names for a parrotlet?
ANSWER #11 of 14

What about Aquaman?

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ANSWER #12 of 14

Dory? Squirt?

ANSWER #13 of 14

Thank you ill remember all these

ANSWER #14 of 14

NEMO lol

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