What are some good animes and manga to watch and read?

What are some good anime? Please list as much good ones as you can! I have watched and read: Vampire Knight Meru Puri Lovely Complex Chobits Shuffle! Fruits Basket Tsubasa Chronicles Special A

Answer #1

arg I forgot to put in Devil May Cry another epic anime MWAHAHA

Answer #2

I personally love Bleach

Answer #3

Yah I know… I love Shojo Manga!

Answer #4

shugo chara-manga/anime gakuen alice-manga/anime (I also prefer the manga because it has more info) dn angel-manga/anime rockin heaven-manga strobe edge-manga nagatachou strawberry-manga sugar princess-manga daa daa daa-manga/anime (manga would be better anime is only subbed until 63) AAA-manga kirarin revolution-manga/anime mermaid melody-manga/anime tokyo mew mew-manga/anime aozora pop-manga yumeiro patissiere-anime(not sure about manga) ulta maniac-anime/manga (manga better) full moon wo sagashite-manga/anime

Answer #5

I think everyone know of the mainstream manga such as DeathNote(one of the best MAINSTREAM anime in my opinion), Naruto(not a fan of it), Yu-Yu-Hakisho, Sailor Moon, Bleach, or even Blood Plus(pretty good ^^) or Blood Trinity(another epic mainstream anime), Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, ect ect and Final Fantasy(though, again, epic). But if you want the really good ones, you have to dig.

Wolf’s Rain La Chevalier Deon <3 Black Blood Brothers Toko Ceres Trigun Salty Ree Battle Athletes Roller Gear Apple Seed(one and 2 ^^) Full Metal Panic(hilarious, best comedy one in my opinion) Vampire Hunter D(the second movie Vampire Hinter D is MUCH better than the First Vampire Hunter D) Hellsing Kyuuketsuki Miyu Nightwalker you may like Karen The Wall Flower Canerialla(awesome, but they haven’t released an anime series yet) Arcane

Answer #6

Please Teacher Axis Powers Hetalia Bleach DN Angel Inuyasha Negima Gravitation Midori Days Azumanga Daioh Myself, Yourself Peacemaker Kurogane Gakuen Alice Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

And yeah…Thats all I can think of atm that I’ve watched… xD haha.

Answer #7

Well, a lot of my friends read Shojo or something like that. it’s a kind of manga, for teenage girls. once you shorten down the list to those (not the perverted ones for older men) you can generally find some you will be interested in. also, there are manga magazines, like ShojoGirl (not sure about title)

Answer #8

Naruto :) It’s the second best manga ever (Death Note is Best In my opinion) Trust me, although Naruto can be a little tiring to read because it’s been going for so long it is totally worth it, and once you finally do read up to the current chapters you will know why it’s such a popular manga :) Also, Death Note is an amazing manga. I didn’t like it at first because the beginning is kind of crazy (Light being all murderous) but once L’s character is introduced you’ll be hooked :)

Answer #9

angel sanctuary bloody kiss shugo chara MAR onihime cage of eden ayashi no ceres

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