What are some fun things to do with make-up at sleepovers?

I was looking for things to do with one friend with make-up at a sleepover.

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Pick a theme then take pics after that take off their makeup. dont let them see untill the next morning on your camera or cell phone. Anyone friend me!!

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Wow, CrazyCarlyLove really likes pictures. I thought I was bad. Haha. I agree with what she said. It's fun to let people do your make-up while you have your eyes closed. It usually comes out dragqueen-ish because they're trying to make it look bad as a joke. That's what's so fun!

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When I used to constantly do make-overs with my friends we used to do fun things like woodland creatures or character's make-up like marilyn monroe for example. I makes it more challenging and fun, Also if you search on you tube, rainbow eyes or lady gaga make-up (or whatever you want) it comes up with some really good ideas, hope this helped (:

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Dress up in different styles with makeup and take pics.

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go on a midnight run(go somewere @ midnight)sneak out tp a boy u likes house(or your x's house haha he wont be happy!)wash a car leave it soapy and slide around on
it.go cliff jumping(into a lake).do bloody mary.go 2
the mall.AND BRING A VIDEO CAMERA!!!take some dp's
shake em' up and as a car goes by toss em' in the
street(it gets em all sticky)!!!go to the skating rink
watch south park

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