What are really fun ideas for youtube?

I just started my own youtube. I already posted my first video which was just an intro. But I need good ideas for my follow-ups. I don’t like the whole mocking other people though. and I’m limited to webcam till I get a camcorder. Any ideas? if you want to know about it. funmail me.

Answer #1

Its called Angus, Holotik, and Presents:)

Answer #2

What’s your video called???

Answer #3

Why not film yourself and a friend doing silly stunts but nothing too dangerous OR do some comedy videos on any joke you can come up with, but nothing that will offend anybody. :)

Answer #4

Do you have a movie making programme on your computer? If so, you should edit it on that. Me and a friend were bored one day, so we decided to make a video. We sped it up and in the end it looked really funny. On some computers, when you click speed up, not only does it speed up your actions.. it makes your voices all squeaky too. It’s really fun to do and easy too! Or you could make a spoof video to a song maybe? :)

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