What are new and cool hairstyles for guys?

What should I do with my hair? I’m looking for cool, new styles. My hair is light black, and med length, and curls if I don’t straighten it.

Answer #1

I like the cop hairstyles the flatop makes guys appear more sophisticated but I dont recomened it if you hace a big head lol!

Answer #2

Point cutting is very popular on men. The thicker the better. If it is straightened it will look almost like little v’s in shape and if your hair is long enough you could push it to the side for more of a soft look, also when it curls it will look edgier in a joke woke up naturally sexy kinda way.

Answer #3

Thats in a way useful, but it is an overused style, I want something different. I used to do that in middle school, but now it seems kinda childish.

Answer #4

spike it up a bit.. let it grow on the top and cut the the reast low, also spike your hair with gel, theres is a lot out there that guys use…

Answer #5

dont straighten it curly hair is cute :)

Answer #6

Haha thank storm92. Yea my girlfriend likes it curled too, so I rarely straighten it, I jsut wanna try some new styles.

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