What are guy's type of girl?

SO… theres a whole story that refers to this question being asked. but can someone tell me how a fit, smart,normal girl lose to a fat, stupid slut??? like I just don’t get it. and how a guy would still choose the slut who hes known only for a month over the girl he’s been rele good friends with for 2 years, and they start liking each other, but yet the girl still looses to the slut!! I don’t get guys anymore. so tell me guys, what is your type of girl? which girl would you have chosen in the situation I talked about?

please be nice.

Answer #1

it depends how old you are…

trust me on this… at that age id have gone for the slut. why? because shes giving it away on a plate.. boys want sex and nothing else, to an extent..

where as now youd want to settle down with the nice, educated girl who isnt a sex slut…

Answer #2

I think you should show all the guys you can be dirty. it doesnt matter if other girls call you a slut they just do it because they are jealous. and if you are a nice educated girl that wont ever do anything with your boy. then he will cheat on you and go to the slutty girls. all guys want is action.

Answer #3

Maybe I’m different, but I am 19 years old and would have chosen the normal girl. Slutty girls just turn me off. I want a sweet and kind girl who still has her morals and won’t just jump into bed with you.

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