What are good pg-13 horror movies?

its for my 15 year old b-day party and my mom won’t let me get rated are movies. she says I’m 2 young but I can see pg-13 movies what are awesome pg-13 movies

Answer #1

Yea. I haven’t seen the Jap version of Silent Hill, but I have played the games. They are so fun xD I’m hooked 0,0 ~Britt xx

Answer #2

But to be fair, the original versions were much creepier than the US. Still, the inspiration was there.

Answer #3

I love how all of Snakebite’s answer are Japanese. Does that give you a clue as to where you should look for horror films?

Answer #4

The Ring/The Ring 2 The Grudge/The Grudge 2/The Grudge 3 Silent Hill

All pretty good horror films =3

~Britt xx

Answer #5

0.0 Those were the only PG13 ones I’ve seen… Lol ~Britt xx

Answer #6

they have 2 be horror

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