What are good names for hermit crabs?

I just got two hermit crabs fro Christmas and I don't know what to name them. I'm not sure of the gender but one has a shell that looks like a penguin and the other ones shell looks like a blowfish.

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Now I only have one hermit crab because the one with the penguin shell died :(. But I named the one with the blowfish shell Blix.

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make sure you have extra shells for them to change into and grow into as they do change shells...when out of the shell they look like tiny little lobsters, but they wont keep their original shell...

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Aw. I had a hermit crab, his name was Chancy. I miss him. Not quite sure what happend to him, though. I set him on the floor once and walked away, haven't seen him since. O.o

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