What animal should I get that does not take soo much care?

Ok so I wanna get a oet, because I saved money to get a little dog or cat or meaby a ferret or something. What do you recomend. I’m stuck between this..

A hamster A chiuaua ( sorry can’t spell it) A little cat A mouse

What do you recomend out of this choices??


Answer #1

chiuahua.I cant spell either… but they make a good companion. ya no no on the ferret if you want low maintanence my ferret is taking up most of my time…but I love him:)

Answer #2

I really do recommend a guinea pig. They’re pretty big, so you don’t have to worry about losing them somewhere in the house (unlike a hamster). And they aren’t huge, like cats and dogs. And they’re pretty quiet. You just have to clean out their cage like once a week, I think. I’m not sure–my sister does that stuff. xD And you just feed them, and give them their water, etc.

All pets DO need care, though. Make sure that you don’t forget about the guinea pig or starve it or anything… Basic care is needed for all pets.

Answer #3

I highly recommend a PAIR of gerbils - same sex pair if you do not want baby gerbils. Gerbils do need a partner to be happy. They are very inquisitive and like to explore. Gerbils are active during the day when you are. Hamsters are night creatures and not as playful as gerbils. Rats might be OK, I don’t know. But do NOT get mice. They stink. A ferret is basically a wild animal. Stay away. A small dog would be good, but more expensive than gerbils, and would require training … and twice a day walking if you don’t have a fenced yard. With your brother, either gerbils or a small dog like a corgi, or some type of terrier. Good Luck!!

Answer #4

a guinea pig they are -placid -furry and ADORABLE -sorta low maintenece like a hampster but require lots of handling]and stroking to build trust -great buddies -great squeakers and… -relatively low cost

btw I have 4- 1 boy and 3 girls; tippy wendy missy and wilma all I love and clean out once to twice a week

like I said like hampsters only biggere and wayyy cuter =]

Answer #5

Rats are a really great choice for low-maintenance care. They are very, very friendly, love to be pet, are intelligent and inquisitive, and they entertain themselves very easily. I find they have much more personality than hamsters.

Answer #6

Hamster. They require their cage cleaned like once a week. Change their water everyday and food should be filled once run out.

Answer #7

A chuiauha but every pet takes a lot of taking care of!!

Answer #8

emmm…out of those hamster!!:)

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