What AMP should I get?

I’m thinking about buying a guitar, it’s going to be a Fender Stratocaster. Anyone have any ideas/recommendations on what AMP I should be buying with it? Something fairly good, but around the 200-300 mark would do.

Answer #1

I would recommend getting a Fender Acoustasonic amp to go with your Strat. This amp is designed for acoustic guitar, but I discovered that it sounds wicked with my HSS Strat. Compared to other amps that I’ve tried, like the Roland cube and the Line 6 spider series, this amp is way more versatile and delivers a much brighter and warmer tone. Distortion sounds great (does not sound flat at all like I thought it would), and clean tone is phenominal on this amp. I bought mine (it’s 30 watts) for $350 Canadian brand new which is a reasonable price I think. I’ve seen used ones in a $150-$250 range. Using an amp that pumps out great clean tone is a huge plus with a Strat, cause Strats are famous for their clean tone, so the combo sounds great. As for the feedback problem that Captain mentioned, yes a humbucker will greatly reduce that. But I think you can get Strats that have noiseless single coil pickups (a bit more pricey).

Answer #2

…too expensive… too heavy… and the necks are too thick…

If you want to play rock with a Strat, you’ll probably use distortion effects, which will cause feedback. Strats are known for feedback problems; so to minimize this, you’ll want to buy a Strat equipped with humbuckers, instead of single-coil pickups (if you don’t know what I mean, the people at the music shop will).

As far as the amp goes, since you’re just starting out, it doesn’t really matter. Your choices are limited to TUBE vs. SOLID STATE. I guess I’d recommend solid state, since they’re usually cheaper, lighter weight, and they don’t have tubes to replace. You can also buy them with effects built-in, so you won’t really need to buy additional effect-pedals.

Line-6 and CRATE are both brands that offers a wide variety of amps, with built-in effects. They’re also fairly affordable. Take a look online, or at your local Guitar Center.

Answer #3

Captainassassin, I’m thinking about like, rock music. Nothing too heavy. but yeah.

And gibsons are hella expensive >__>

Answer #4

It ALL depends on what you’re using it for…

Answer #5

For the AMP: I think a line6 spyder3. they are a very good amp, I have one and it has 4 channels, (Clean, Crunch, Metal, Insane) and it sounds really good. It is also really simple to adjust. And it is really loud for its size.

For the Guitar: I would recommend going to a guitar store and trying a bunch of guitars before buying a strat. because you will probably find one that sounds better and is cheaper.

Answer #6

Ahh fenders suck! Get a Gibson. Their epic<33

Uhm,as for amps I had bought a Washburn Lyon a while back,it was eletric I just went to a thrift store and they sold me an amp for like 20bucks,it worked pretty good. I think the brand was Gorilla or somthin. I had to get a cord for it,their like 5 bucks at a guitar store =D

Marshalls are pretty good amps I have heard

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