What am i to do?

I still like this girl but she is very taken by someone else. I can't stop thinking about here every time I see her, so I have been trying to avoid her. I feel that if I do not see her that I will stop thinking of her so much. We never really have talked much, just little stuff but I feel like she is the only thing that matters to me. Am I being selfish by avoiding her, what should I do?

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u shud go for it I mean what have you gt to lose? you shud go after her shoe her what shes missin out on kk loove ya xxx

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SHE IS ALREADY TAKEN! Sometimes we cant always have what we want. If/when she becomes available, then you can make your move, but until then respect her & her boyfriend!

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but if you tell a girl and she shoots you down.. then its going to hurt.. start talking 2 her gradually..

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Your action are confusing. If you like a girl then tell her you like her but don't force yourself on her. Just act like you normally act around her then one day tell her you like her but are waiting for her and whomever to break up but are tired of holding it in and you had to at least tell her how you feel. And how she answers will determine the conversation.

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