What am I doing with my life?

What am I doing with my life?

Answer #1

Well, are you going to school? If not, are you working? If not, I’m not sure what you’re doing in your life but, you need to do something to make your life better. I’m sure you have family to turn too and friends that are close to you. So, whatever you’re doing in your life, make the best of it.

Answer #2

We have to have bad things happen in our life, so we can enjoy the good things. We are all growing up so we can find someone to love :) that’s how I view it.

Answer #3

Living it. Be free and have fun. You only live once and then you’re gone… no coming back. So what are you doing with your life??? Living each MINUTE as if it were your last :)

Answer #4

You are just a bit confused. The next 6 months you will begin to work through all of this confusion. Not everybody is happy on the inside just because they look happy on the outside. So just get out there and work with animals, people, enjoy nature, do what makes you happy not what makes others happy career wise. Find someone to love and someone who loves you. Life is an ever changing world even when we get older we might have the same question…so do what makes your soul and heart happy. Don’t try to measure up to what others want or expect.

Answer #5

Only you would know the answer

Answer #6

If you face any problem just try to post it and fun advice members will help u. Wish you happines life :)

Answer #7

You are being yourself. God and Jesus and The Holy Spirit love you all, I hope you all find them, which are one. :)

Answer #8

Why are you asking us - we aren’t psychics.

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