What am I considered if I eat this?

alright well I have stopped eating all meat except for poultry and pork. I still eat eggs;cheese;etc. what would I be considered.? I was just wondering.

Answer #1

Pork is considered red meat, so you would just be considered “normal”. I’m curious though, why don’t you eat beef?

Answer #2

You’re normal :) Lots of people claim they are vegetarians but they still eat chicken :S Confuses me really, as a vegetarian eats NO meat at all :) Personally, I don’t even think vegetarians eat fish..but people think differently. Lots of people take specific meats out of their diet but it doesn’t change what you are ‘considered’ :)

Answer #3

a girl that doesnt eat certain meat… why bother??

Answer #4

your just normal I think… nothing to worry about..

all I eat is chicken and beef :)

Answer #5

I think that’s normal…

Answer #6

im a full vegetarian…guess your a semi-vegetarian?

Answer #7


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