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What about this other story I guess?

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my steady feet and shaking legs held me up and I slowly swayed back and forth. I clapped my hands together twice and watched the white puff off chalk sprinkle over my numbed body. the world seemed as if it were put at pause, or at least slow motion, for all the sound and all my surroundings were frozen and shut out of my mind. the dull and muffled cheers of the crowd and teammates were blocked by my over working and not so confident thoughts. my brain danced and flew with thoughts of the next few minutes of my life, hoping for the best, but also embracing the worst. only two people in the entire universe mattered at this moment, that was the robust judge, and my nervous self. the only thing I could feel when frozen in that time, was the fastend pace of my heart, that slammed against my chest with unforgiving nerves. I let my eyes wander from my unhelpful thoughts and the horrid judges table, over to my teammates and coach, that cheered me on, wishing me the best, and hoping for it as well. they were the ones that understood, that at that very moment in time, the world turns off, and all it is, is you and your thoughts. I slid my stiff feet along the chalk dusted mat, in hope to rid the sweat that was building up from nerves. as I looked up, the judge raised one sharp arm, and spoke my name. it sounded like sandpaper in my ears, but with as much dignity and respect as I could surface, I smiled that fake smile, raised both arms proudly, and soluted the judge. I turned around, faced my match, and mounted. I began my routine that burned in my head, and tried my best. awaiting what would happen...

so thats another story. fyi.. its about gymnastics so you might not understand. comments?