What a bad way to go home

Ok,today after leaving the haircut place my mom gets nearly tail-gated by some dude,he honks at my mom so she could drive on cause we were waiting for all the cars to go by at the stop light,he steady honks. When we finally are able to go he zooms to the side of us and flicks us off,I did the same back cause he ticked me off. Why do some people have to be cruel?

Answer #1

Ya some people are stupid, people who have road rage for no good reason, or people who ask for opinions then when they don’t like an answer leave an annoying stupid comment on your profile. Some people are straight up d-bags eh?

Answer #2

I dont understand why people do that. they have no reason too and it also makes me mad. rawwr. im sorry you had a bad dayy.

Answer #3

yeahh cruel people piss me off too. lol actually, I’ve seen worse someone actually got out of their car and started yelling at another driver in the middle of the street. so pathetic -_- lol some drivers get pissed off at the stupidestt thingss. so they think flicking someone off or yelling at someone is gana help them like overcome their driving skills flicking someone off is pretty pointless and pathetic to me, cause just because that dude flicked you off, doesnt mean hes right about anything it just means hes pretty stupid and patheticc because he sucks at drivingg and he cant control his angerr, and that he gets angry at the littlest things in life. pathetic.. lol(:

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