How do I read my answers to the questions that I ask ??

How do I read my answers to the questions that I ask ??

Answer #1

If you click on your question title (visible from your profile page) you will open it to view your answers.

I wonder, though, how you will see this answer if you don’t know how…?

Answer #2

on the top left there is something that has these words, your username, funmail questions advice my photos and logout. you click on questions, and you click which question you asked and get to read the answers

Answer #3

Easy, click the link to the question on your profile page & read them…you may have to refresh the page if it’s not updated (or if your browser is IE 6 or AOL, as those have some caching issues).

Also, in the upper right, you’ll see a (new) notice with the number of unread answers to your questions after you ask them.

Answer #4

I agree with lenorosey

Answer #5

if you dont know where to read the answers than how will this help u?

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