Need a job at 15

I need a job and im 15 what do I do

Answer #1

I am fifteen and I currently own a VERY small but good business. All you do is find something that people in your neighborhood are willing to pay for and advertise for it. For instance, I live in AZ and I go out with a blacklight and look for scorpions in peoples yards, it is relatively easy, you make the full profit, and you don’t have to have a boss or anything.

Answer #2

Confused, let’s try not to “duh” the people asking questions. What;s obvious to some isn’t always obvious to others.

Fast food is unfortunately usually the way to go at that age. It worked for me, and it can be kind of fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

Answer #3

well this shouldnt be in the sports section lol… fill out for an application duh.. but first look for a job you like and that pays lol

Answer #4

apply for jobs where you can legally work at your age. fast food mostly

Answer #5

yea but at 15 you should know to get an application…I could understand if the person was like 9 or 10 but at 15, you should already know that, and yea’ why is this in sports lol, I got confused, anyways, yea’ find a place that ya want to work at and fill out an application…and I understand you said you need one, but why do you want or need or whatever a job at 15, thats a little young to start one…

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