Where is true love?

Does true love really exsist?

Or is it just a fable told at bedtime to young children to give them hope for the future…

I saw beauty and the beast yesterday and it seems that every disney movie has that topic “true love” in it…

Answer #1

In a sense I believe it exists, but I think its the people who make it true. Having a “loving” relationship where you don’t communicate about anything isn’t true love, but could be made true love if changes were made. I think a loving relationship that has trust built and communication skills built, is true love. Its the same as being “in” love vs. loving someone. Theres a bit of a difference, but could change into something better if some work was done. In order to be IN love with someone, you have to have a strong past with the person and have an amazing relationship and I think that could lead to true love. It just involves steps. In my mind you go from loving someone, to being in love with someone, to having pure/true love with that person. Sometimes things get messed up along the way, but its all about fixing things instead of running away from them. I believe if you love someone you should be willing to fix the bridge when it caves in, unless the situation is way out of hand. It seems like people let go all the time so fast and they don’t bother to try. If you marry someone, you should have that ‘true love’ feeling, and if you don’t then maybe it wouldn’t be right. Children aren’t lead to believe in true love, I’m sure little girls think those types of things are cute in a way. But, think about it… at that age, they are still worried about cooties let alone true love. What makes me think of true love is when I see things like a people getting married, people celebrating their anniversary type thing and those are the types of things that lead me to believe true love is out there, you just have to sense it and be willing to fix things when they get broken. If you get knocked down, remember to always get back up again. Thats just my opinion though, I’m sure it varies from person to person. Just don’t let our opinions influence what you believe. Believe what you want, don’t let anyone change that. :)

(sorry for my long answer, once I start typing its hard to stop sometimes hehe)

Answer #2

ahaha.. I love beauty and the beast… and I’ve recently watched “enchanted” and their song “true loves kiss” is still stuck in my head!! honestly…to some extent I do believe in real love…though love between your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t 100% perfect like you see them in fairytales, I believe that everyone is made for someone =) there’s ups and downs in every relationship - but those fights are what makes the relationship stronger!! just because you have one bad memory, it shouldn’t take away all the good ones!!

Answer #3

I think someone should sue disney 4 makin every girl think she can find a prince charming


Answer #4

yes its out there girl! of course all disney movies have a happy ending…its disney! but true love is hard to find.

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