What was the strangest question you've been asked on an interview?

I’m just curious, but what’s the strangest question you’ve been asked at an interview? What was strange about it?

Answer #1

So…do you carry a weapon?

Answer #2

I didn’t then and I do not now. Maybe if I would have answered that question “yes”, I would have got the job!

Answer #3

“whos your favorite superhero” lol, i answered batman, but still, lame question. i got the job, but gave my two weeks notice the second day ;)

Answer #4

“Are you married” - that was a strange one. Both because it was a guy (who was also married) but because it’s illegal to discriminate based on marital status.

However, I think the reasoning might have been that (from experience) sometimes married people are more stable in jobs, so that was why my interviewer asked me that one.

Still, it felt awkward, and from my experience hiring people, being married doesn’t always mean that the potential employee will do any better. In fact, some of best employees I’ve had have been single, so I think the person who asked me that one had a bias.

Answer #5

Do you carry a weapon? True story. I was applying for a data-entry position in a call center and that was one of the questions.

Answer #6

“In fact, some of best employees I’ve had have been single”

Heyyy! But I’m not single! :O


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