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Weird discharge


I was having a brownish/reddish discharge from my vagina. I went to the doctors, so they tested me and gave me antibotics. I get a call saying I have an std, but the shot they gave me would clear it up. My period came, it ended today. My discharge was gone. Then I felt a leak so I went to the bathroom and its back..what is it

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well if your period is just over it might just be the discharge mixed with the remaining blood

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that sounds like a period to me

dark brownish discharge

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I've been having the same!! today it started. ya I guess its probably dryed blood thats left over. I get it at the beginning of my period

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I read someone else's advise once on this. She said the vagina cleanses itself, thus your period. Also, it will discharge periodically too. That's why panties have the cotton lining.

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bikersmurf seems right or the shot did not do the job and its back...go to your doctors again if it doesnt go away in a couple of days.

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