Is it weird if I'm country, but I like to listen to some screamo?

Answer #1

Its not weird at all! I’m what they call a northsider in my county but i listen to country music and not r&b stuff like the other teens do =) its just who you are and what you like there is absolutely nothing wrong or weird with what you like =) x

Answer #2

Ohh thank goodness lol. (: haha.

Answer #3

Its not weird at all. You listen to the music you like and what you enjoy, it doesnt matter what “label” you are. I myself have more of a rocker style, yet ill jam out to anything from Hank Williams to Spice Girls to Lady Gaga to Lil Wayne and so on. I think its good to have a wide range of taste in music, it shows you have an open mind and can appreciate all types of artistic talent instead of just one genre.

Answer #4

(: thanks

Answer #5

that actually kind of makes since. while the stiles are different, they both tend to evoke a strong emotion. and listening to various types of music can open you to different channels of expression. it gives you a more rounded personality.

Answer #6

it’s not at all weird! im glaswegian and majority of my pals are into rave house etc but i would prefer Taylor Swift or paramore or even Ac/Dc Deep pirple and n-dubz

Answer #7

I listen to every genre including country and screamo and everywhere in between, it’s good to have a broad music selection.

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