Eyes will dialate a little if he likes you, is that true?

I just asked chacha some signs a guy likes you, and they said his eyes will dialate a little if he does. Is this true???

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yh , I think that is true, firstly because I read in a book somewhere, secondly because my boyfriend does it a lot!! lol hope this was helpful

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that was in an article in a magazine a couple of years ago... im not sure if its true or not but the theory is that if they like you they want to see more of you so theyre eyes will dialate inorder to take in more... I dont think thats right though... it sounds fishy you know

when..will my byfriend ask me out he likes me and I like him ?

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yes, but who is going to notice that?? lol
unless your staring straight at him, 2 inches away

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I know camelbaby! I read that and I was like, "What the..?"

I figured funadvice would be better than just asking one person. :)


Is it true that he likes me?

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