How to lose weight in the hips and thighs?

I’m 30 years old,and receantly I noticed I was gaining in my thighs mostly and I wanted to know how I could lose that quickly also in my hips. what is a great diet plan?

Answer #1


This is from an online article:

When dieting we all have places that we wish we could lose the weight from. Problem areas could be your thighs, stomach, butt, hips, or arms.

The reality is that we cannot lose weight in just a targeted area. There are so many people out there marketing products that just will not work.

If you would like to tone up, you will have to lose your body fat first. A healthy diet and cardio workouts will help you attain this goal. After losing weight you will then be able to go back to working on the area that you would like to target.

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