How did you lose weight?

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thanks, yeah I think ill work off the fat first do and hr and half of cardio a day and then when im fit work on the weights to tone it up.. that good or na?

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balancine healthy foods and exercise. (as you saw on my picture) I'm kind of fit, but that's only because I've swam 6 days a week for the past 12 years. just keep a constant exercise workout, eat healthy, and drink lots of water

I always feel bloated and I need to lose the weight

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Yes it is very possible with the proper exercise...however you must understand that if you gain weight working out it is possibly muscle weight. That is why a body fat check is probably more of what you are looking for.

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Dont necessarily cut back on what your eating...make sure what you eat is healthy such as fruits, veggies, etc.

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Simple, you cut back on what you are eating to a SENSIBLE & healthy level and exercise.

It really is that simple.


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Following on from ablackguy_420's advice above,

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How can I lose weight quickly?

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can I lose 20lbs by june

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by doing it the healthy way:a balanced diet and a plenty of exercising

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