How to get skinny fast?

Hey every1. Im new!! How do you get like REALLY skinny in about 20 days?

Answer #1

you are “like REALLY skinny”

Answer #2

yeah I agree with xcallmepapax… trust people when they say be active and healthy, you will fit into your natural form that way.

Answer #3

hey :) I think you should be happy as you are! You are only 13 I was very fat only 2 years ago, but now I’m skinny as hell!! I have no butt anymore, and I feel so ugly and like im the only one in my school with flat butt :/

I have no idea what I did, but I would rather be fatter than a skeleton like now without butt and almost no breats :(( So dont get too skinny…But you can try to eat more healty, if you dont do that already. Then try to walk much, and mabye you can play a sport ? :D I play football :D ohhh,, swimming helps little , just dont swim too much, then you might get wider shoulders :S But you can try to swim sometimes :)

Some people are heavier because of their parents..maybe they were ‘’fatter’’’ when they was young? One of my friend was veery fat when she was young..all her siblings were that too..but now she’s kinda skinny as me

anyway..Good luck :)

Answer #4

Well loosing weight and toning your body isnt something that can be achieved in 20 days… it’s a life changing routine. I understand, and I’m sure many other girls do, that feeling good is looking good, so I’ll give you some hints on how to change your apperance quickly in a healthy way. If you carry on these tips, you’ll feel more helathy and energetic.

First off, drink lots of water! People don’t understand the magic of purified water on every aspect of the body. It softens your skin, makes your hair look healthy, your eyes get whiter, your nail beds even out, and it helps get rid of toxins in the internal body. HINT: Mixing together a tbsp or 2 of natural lemon juice into a hot 16 oz. cup of water during every meal will help detox the body and boost metabolism.

Second, exercise! Get moving! Walk places, use the stairs, play with your dogs - just get active. Do some sit-ups or lunges during commericals of TV or while your waiting for your water to warm up in the microwave or water to boil on the stove - little boosts of the heart always helps boost the metabolism. I like to start off every morning with a 2 mile jog before I jump in the shower. Wake up a half our or 45 minutes earlier to fit in a morning run. Exercising in the morning is a lot more efficent than at night. HINT: Running backwards burns a lot more calories than forawrds, and works more muscles. Not only does this shed pounds quicker, but it tones in a matter of minutes! Also, try taking up a kickboxing, pilates, or yoga class. They help you focus, learn balance, and get an efficent workout.

Thirdly, tone before bed! Do a mix of free weight lifintg, push-ups, crunches and squats before bed every night for about 20-30 minutes. Then when your done, go right to sleep. HINT: This includes a good 9 hours of sleep! Sleep builds muscles and relaxs the brain for a healthier and stronger feeling in the morning.

Fourthly, eat healthy. Cut out all white breads - stick to whole grain only and avoid them as much as possible. Try focusing on eating egg-whites, fresh fruits and veggies, tuna in water, green salads with little or no dressing, skim milk, nuts, green tea, and low calorie yogurt. Try Miranda Kerr’s, Victoria’s Secret model, healthy eating style:

Last but not least: Quit all junk food, extra snacks, and avoid eating 2 hours before bed. If you must, take in a handful of nuts. They fill up up, give you protein for you bed-time routine, and help your tummy concentrate on something. Follow with lots of water.

HINTS: Eat slowly - you’ll get full faster. DRINK WATER - Throughout the entire day. Get beauty sleep, and get active!

Answer #5

I would go along with the previous answer.

You may like to check out this site:

Answer #6

sorry to tell you but in your picture you look like you don’t need to lose more weight . If you want to give me feed back just email me

Answer #7

sorry to tell you but in your picture you look like you don’t need to lose more weight . If you want to give me feed back just email me

Answer #8

damn wuts wrong with everyone these days… why would you want to get any skinnier. stop trying to get skinny. Guys dont like girls that are skin and bone. the perfect girl for any guy has curves(I dont mean overweight curves) . work out and eat healthy thats my advice to u

Answer #9

GROW up!!! Being ultra thin or skinny is not close to cool. Guys like girls with curves, atleast I should know. I have curves and I love my body, so learn to love yours. Get over yourself.

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