How can i gain weight?

How can I get rid of seein my ribs and a hole in my chest and hips

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gawd I would kill to have my ribs showing again! Lol
but anyways just eat more calories then you burn off. but don't fill up on all kinds of fattening foods...load up on good healthy stuff. you can figure out how many calories you burn a day like just sitting there at it'll work wonders...
good luck and muco lovage!

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well if you want fat do what everyones telling you. But if you want muscle alls you have to do is eat a good amount of carbs and proteins and go weight lift and run/swim and then afterwards eat something that has a ton of protein because your body eats away at fat for only about 30mins and then it attacks the muscles because alls their made of is protein and lean tissue and I would suggest eating a lot of fruits and vegtables and meat because their a great source of protein. hope I helped

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I eat maccdonalds all the time and I never put on weight

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start filling up on carbs and junk food... my grandma says the way to get fat is by eating and that might work too!! =P

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well it depends your just going to have to start eatin fattnin food I suppose...

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