What can I do instead of eating all the time?

I am 15 and weight 160 pounds my friends say I am not fat but my dad says it all the time and kids at school. my boyfriends loves my body but I try to lose weight but I just stop and go back to my normal routine. and when I am home I feel hungry even after I eat and much on food . what can I do instead of eating all the time???

Answer #1

the question is…do YOU love your body? if you want to lose weight, or if your doctor says you should lose weight to stay healthy then its going to take dedication. think of everything you like to do. make a list. get creative and start to think of all the ways you can make that list more active like rollerblading, riding your bike for fun with friends, swimming, have contests who can tread water the longest, start a sport, enroll in a dance class, ballet is really good for toning if you can stand it…its not for everybody. but they do have beginners classes. And then, you have to make healthy eating choices. and control portions. these are things you probably already know, you just need a support team and somebody to get motivated with you who wants to do it too. having a team player who is just excited about it as you is key. otherwise its a lonely road. o, jazzercise is really fun too! thene again, it depends on your personality type too. well best of luck, may the fat melting vibes be with you:) you can do it, just get your lazy bum out of the fridge and off of the couch:) once you start to see results, that will be motivating too!!

Answer #2

U can walk do some exersises, make friends… Dont just sit home and eat…:) do anything else but not eat. Or you can lock your frigirator and throw the key away lol :D

Answer #3

Chew gum instead

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