Can weed give you cancer?

Answer #1

Nope, otherwise i’d have cancer.

If it was dangerous for you, then they wouldnt have medicinal marijuana.

Answer #2

There are plenty of medicines that are harmful, practically all of them if you take a lot. While it’s pretty much safe, saying that you, personally, do not have cancer as a result of it, and therefore it is not possible, is just plain illogical.

Answer #3

I agree with the medicines being dangerous if you take more of it then you’re told, I didnt even think of that,

Answer #4

Alright here’s the problem with your question. No one can prove whether weed gives you cancer or not. Just like there’s no way to prove that smoking cigarettes give you cancer. Here’s why. In order to say that something is a result of something else, researchers have to be able to compare two randomized groups. In this case, researchers would have to select a group of people. Have half of the group smoke, have the other half not smoke. And then see what the differences are between those two groups of people over time. Obviously it can’t be done. Thus you cannot say whether cigarettes GIVE you cancer. All you can say is that cigarettes increase your risk of cancer (by a lot). Same thing with weed. Smoking weed will increase your risk of cancer. Just like smoking cigarettes does. And yes, just like it is possible to smoke cigarettes and never develop cancer. It is possible to smoke weed and never develop cancer.

Answer #5

Great answer! ツ

Answer #6

Marijuana itself does not give you cancer. Smoking it however, can lead to lung cancer the same way the smoking ciggarettes does. Anytime your inhaling smoking into your lungs your uping your chances of lung cancer. There are other safer ways to use marijuana though such as vaporising, injesting, thc capsules, and it being put in food or drinks. Its the smoking part thats harmful.

Answer #7

Nice, makes sense. Of course they cant potentially give a group of people cancer. Haha.

Answer #8

And that is why it is unethical to do randomized tests… Although they have done it in the past. Given people diseases or withheld medication to see how a disease would progress.

Answer #9

Do whatcha gotta do.

Answer #10

Morphine is a highly dangerous and addictive narcotic. Yet doctors use it as a painkiller for many sever pains.

Answer #11


Answer #12

We’ve established that, thanks.

Answer #13

Which has been the justification of every atrocious act anyone has ever committed. Not good enough. As far as I’m concerned, your issues dont have to become my problem.

Answer #14

Most likely lung or throat cancer due to the smoke .

Answer #15

Yes, it can just like cigarettes cause lung cancer. It is still classified as smoking.

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